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Boolean Box MICRO

Small Device. Big ideas

Checkout the newest version of the Boolean Box Micro.   Now with a micro:bit microcontroller.

micro:bit for all

Three smaller kits that grow with your young inventor

Only available here and on the micro:bit for all website! These three kits are smaller and less expensive.  Start with the Base Kit then add the Motion and Sensor kits when your child is ready.

Boolean Box MICRO

Small Device. Big ideas

Introducing the Boolean Box Micro an inventor’s kit that is easy to use.  Plug the microcontroller into a computer, program it in a drag and drop language and you are ready to go.

It is amazing the things you can make with it.  It’s small size makes it great for mobile project like a robot which is why we include a motor in the kit. The bluetooth connection means you can connect two Micro’s together and communicate.

What can you do with a Boolean Box Micro?

You can learn to code and a whole lot more. The Micro comes with a drag and drop language to code it or you can code in Python or JavaScript.

The Micro has sensors attached and you can add more devices including motors, motion sensors, or whatever you need to complete your invention.

It’s small size makes it perfect for building wearable devices like step counters. It is designed to snap on to Lego blocks and the kit includes a bunch of building blocks which are great for prototyping. The power pack and motor (included) let you build powered solutions like a SMART desk fan or smart home models. Add more blocks and you can build your own robot.

Unlike other TOYS that your child will outgrow, the Boolean Box Micro is designed for a long life.

Long before we launched this product we worked with hundreds of kids in summer camps and after school clubs to design the perfect set of tools to learn to code, build, and invent. The result was the Boolean Box Micro


“The neatest toy to give to kids 10 and up.”

“I truly believe that as our kids grow older, knowing the more technical side of computers and learning how to code will be very important.“

“Best educational toys for kids”

“Problem solving, following directions, driving creativity and creating interest are all things that I am seeing all as my daughter uses this kit. ”

“We were pretty amazed by all the things you can do with the kit. We zipped through the first few lessons, and just finished the Weather Station.”

” I love the Boolean Box. I definitely wish I’d had it as a kid; it would have saved me a lot of angst in my “Electronics and Computers” class in college.”

“My son loves it. He was getting bored with coding. The ability to ‘make things happen’ that comes with this kit (lights and such) re-invigorated his coding interest.”