Boolean Box

The Boolean Box is a build-it-yourself computer designed by girls for everyone.  Girls and boys can learn, through play, to code and build electronics with this self-contained computer and engineering kit.

Boolean Box was picked by Purdue University for inspiring engineering thinking and design in children

What can you do with a Boolean Box?

Why Boolean Box?

You can learn to code and a whole lot more. The Boolean Box comes with multiple coding languages: Scratch, EduBlocks, Python, and Java.  You can also write HTML.  In addition, you can build connected devices and modify Minecraft. Unlike other TOYS that your child will outgrow, the Boolean Box is designed for a long life.  It comes with a full size keyboard and a real mouse.  The Boolean Box Plus has a 13.3 inch monitor with 50% more screen space than others 10-inch monitors so you can really learn to code.

Boolean Box was designed by girls for everyone! Long before we launched this product we worked with hundreds of girls in summer camps and after school clubs to design the perfect set of tools to learn to code, build, invent and animate.

For the Kid Engineer

The Boolean Box is a build-it-yourself computer and electronics kit that is sure to appeal to the budding engineer. It is geared toward girls ages 8 & up, but could absolutely be enjoyed by boys as well!This is a fantastic gift to get girls interested in STEM and coding, with no experience required. It connects to the HDMI port of your TV, and that’s all you need. Kids can code, build,invent and animate with all the materials provided in the box.”My husband is a data scientist with a degree in computer engineering.When I showed him this product he was so excited at the possibility of introducing kids to coding by making it fun, and easy for parents who don’t have any coding experience themselves.” — Editor Katie Saltz