The Non-Profit, Boolean Girl teaches elementary and middle school girls to code and engineer.  Over the past several years Boolean Girl has taught hundreds of girls to code and build things with electronics.  To teach after-school classes, you need to bring everything with you.  Using the school’s computers is usually not an option.  Getting on their network is also problematic.  And, if you have ever been in an elementary school class room, you will know that there are never enough electrical outlets.

The team considered using laptop for the classes but with a laptop you can only code.  You can’t build stuff and connect it to your code.  So, in 2013 we started looking for a solution, a kit that we could bring to class, set up quickly, and use to teach girls to code and

engineer. The answer was a Raspberry Pi and all the stuff needed to make it usable: power cords, cables, a keyboard and mouse, etc.. With some experimentation and feedback from the kids, the result was a self-contained computer engineering kit, the Boolean Box.

When we took the kits to classes, the girls loved them.  They asked for kits of their own.  We looked at other kits, but none of them met our needs so we continued to improve our solution.  In 2016, we did a successful kickstarter and Boolean Box was born.

In addition to providing Boolean Girl the Boolean Boxes for their camps and classes, we sell Boolean Box here and on


We are parents who started this project because we wanted to find ways to encourage and inspire girls ages 8 to 14. We picked this age range because while there are many programs for girls age 14 and up, there are few that bridge strive to cultivate early and sustained interest in technology and engineering.

We are software developers, product managers, and non-profit professionals.  We’ve built and shipped complicated hardware and software products before starting on Boolean Box.

As a team, we started on this path with a purpose.  We’ve created course materials, ran a successful Kickstarter, and founded a non-profit called Boolean Girl (  We are passionate about our work and truly want to change the make up the technology workforce.

Brian Moran
Sarah Eastman
Jon Leiberman
Marni Frankel

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