If your SD card has been corrupted you can frequently fix this by buying a new image on to the SD card. Below is the latest Boolean Girl disk Image and instructions for “burning” a new disk. NOTE: this will wipe out any data on the disk. If you are updating your disk, make sure you save your programs to a USB drive first.

If you purchased your Boolean Box after January 2021 and the box has blue or red sides follow this link to download the image file to your PC or Mac.

If you have an older Boolean Box with pink sides follow this link to download the image file to your PC or Mac.

Once the file has downloaded, follow these instructions.  You should format your SD card first.

1. Insert the micro SD card that you want to clone in your computer using a USB or built-in card reader.
2. Download and install the Raspberry Pi Imager, and run it.
3. For the operating system select “Use Custom” the last option on the list. Then select the image file you downloaded, BG_IMAGE_2020AUG.img or BG_IMAGE_2021JAN.img
4. Choose your SD Card drive.
5. Click Write
Typically you will be asked for the password.  This is your Mac Windows login password.

This process will take a while depending on the size of the SD card. Once the restore is complete, you can remove the card from your computer and insert it back in the Raspberry Pi.

Why update the disk image? If you purchased your Boolean Box before October of 2019 this image has updated version of Scratch, a new google chrome based web browser, a new Python development environment, several python libraries, and if you purchased prior to March 2018, a new block based Python programming tool.