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Why You Need It: Boolean Box is a build-it-yourself computer engineering kit for kids ages 8+. We inspire kids to build, code, invent, and animate! They can learn, through play, to code and build electronics with this self-contained kit.”

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“Using only the parts within the Boolean Box, kids can learn basic circuits and build quick-reaction games, a control panel for Minecraft, or even a game controller for games they’ve coded.”

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“Aimed primarily at girls aged eight and up, this self-contained kit features all the components needed for kids to easily build their own Raspberry Pi computer. Within minutes of building the PC, your curious child will be working on digital animation projects and more. “

The Art of Science Meets the Science of Art

“Boolean Box is a well-designed, high-quality kit that comes with everything (keyboard, processor, wires, resistors, buttons, lights, etc.) a child of either sex would need to build a computer, and then use it to code and create other tech projects. Software, including Minecraft, is preloaded.”

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”I love the Boolean Box. I definitely wish I’d had it as a kid; it would have saved me a lot of angst in my “Electronics and Computers” class in college.”

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“Boolean University has a selection of free online programs that teach you how to code using Scratch. Once you learn the basics there are more advanced lessons that can even teach you how to code up classic video games like FroggerBreakoutand Pac-Man.“


As a parent and former teacher, I love that Boolean Box is not just a one size fits all model for all kids. There are numerous projects on the website available to users of the Boolean Box and the contents are designed to grow with your child as their interests change and skills progress.

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“The Boolean Box, is an all-in-one, hands-on, kit that can introduce your child to computer programming. Their Boolean University is a self-paced online classroom that takes the child through lessons in coding.”

The Art of Science Meets the Science of Art

“Putting together the computer is easy for a novice to accomplish without much help from dad or mom. Coding is easy to learn with Scratch (a visual programming language), but kids will be ready to move on to Python before you know it.“

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With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent closing of schools, more and more parents are looking for novel ways to keep their kids’ education on track.