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Frequently Asked Questions

Boolean Box Troubleshooting

Couple of things to try:
1) In the lower right corner, near the power plug there should be a little red light that comes on when you power it up.  After a few seconds the green light next to it should blink. If the green light is not on or blinking it is the SD card.  May sure you have inserted the SD card.
2) remove the SD card and reinsert it. Power it up again.
3) Still not working?
– You can reload the image on the SD card by following these instructions
– Send us your order number (amazon or Boolean GirlTech), your address and we will send you a new SD card. is the email address.

In rare instances, the computer may not boot to the desktop and instead ask for a user name and password.  The default user name is ‘pi’ and the password is ‘raspberry’.

I changed the menu font size so that it’s very large and I can’t find a way to decrease it. It appears one can’t adjust the font in the GUI to select a smaller font because the text is so large you can’t see/get to the place to make the font adjustment.

To fix this issue, press ALT +Space and select “Move” from the menu that appears allows one to grab the pull down menu and move it up until you can get to the place to change the system font.



The default user is pi , and the password is raspberry

The best way to buy a Boolean Box is on Amazon.  From the US Amazon site you can purchase a Boolean Box and they will ship it almost anywhere in the world.  Their shipping internationally is much cheaper than any we could offer.

There are lots of reasons for not having sound.  Before you try anything else verify that your monitor/TV has sound.  

There are two ways to get sound out of the computer: 1) through the HDMI cable to your monitor/tv.  2) through the audio port or headphone jack.

Audio through the HDMI cable

If you are trying to get sound through the TV, make sure the HDMI cable is plugged in to the TV and the TV is on before you start the computer.  For sound to work the computer must sense that the speakers exist.  If the computer gets booted up before the monitor is connected the computer may be defaulting to headphones.  If sound is not working, try restarting the computer.

If your TV has modes try game mode.  Some TV’s only take 3rd party sound in Game mode.

If that doesn’t work, there is a configuration setting.  In the upper right corner is a volume control.

If you right click you get a selector.  Pick HDMI and that should work.  Also, make sure the volume is turned up.  If that fails, there are several other ways to configure the audio output if it does not work after a reboot.  Checkout this article for the details.


Audio through the headphone jack

The audio port is great for headphones.  Again, if the headphones don’t work, try rebooting first.

The Raspberry Pi audio port is designed for headphones.  It cannot supply the current required by a passive speaker, so you’ll need to buy a set of powered speakers.  Recommended power speakers are here.


Mostly likely, your SD card has become corrupted. This can happen if the computer is unplugged instead of shutting it down.

You can fix the SD card by following these instructions.

You can also buy a new SD card with the latest SW here

Please contact us if you have questions.



Start by right clicking on the task bar near where the wifi icon was.
Click on Add/Remove Panel Items
In the popup that appears, click add
Find the item names Wireless and Wired Network
Click add
Once it is on the task bar, you can use the up and down buttons to move it around.

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