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Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Boolean Box

Visit Boolean University: Click on Get Started, register on the website, and you’ll see a video showing you how to build your Boolean Box. One you’re connected, you can start your first project!

The beauty of this kit is that your daughter (or son) can do tons of things with it. Younger children (7 or 8 years old) can learn to program in Scratch a block programming language designed for kids. Once they know a little about programming in Scratch, they can build electronics projects using the lights and buttons included. These projects can be programmed in Scratch. BTW, high schools and colleges use Scratch to teach students to code so it is not just for little kids. There is also a cool animation package: 9va-pi.

Older kids, 5 – 8 grade and beyond, can learn to program in Python. A great place to start is modifying Minecraft (included) with python. They can also learn Python by building the electronics projects in python instead of Scratch.

There is tons more: Java, Mathmatica,…. You can see many projects on the Boolean Girl website but the internet is full of additional projects. People have even added components to the kit and build there own version of an Amazon echo powered by Alexa.

For the most uptodate recommendations always go to our Amazon Recommendations page:

There are other options at Best Buy and Walmart (and lots of other stores).  The most important thing is a TV or monitor with an HDMI port.  That is right, you can buy a small TV and use it.  It will work great with the Boolean Box.

Please send us an email at: and describe your problem. Attach photos if you can. Please include your order number. We will ship you a new piece right away.

For the most part Wifi is not required.  We never use a network connection in our classes.  Advanced user do connect to the internet to download new software Etc.

All the projects can be done with the software installed on the Raspberry Pi.

If you want to connect to WiFi, there is an icon for setting up WiFi on the upper right side of the desktop.

Try this:
On the main menu (the Raspberry) click Preferences, Raspberry Pi configuration to get a popup window
Click on Set Resolution and pick a better resolution – we use DMT mode 81  1366×768 60Hz pretty frequently.  That might be a place to start.

Yes, we update the software at least once a year.  You can always get the latest software by either downloading the latest image and updating your SD card following these instructions or by purchasing a new SD card here.

Many laptops have an HDMI connection so you might think I can just plug the Boolean Box Raspberry Pi in to that connection and use the laptop monitor.  We’ve never seen this work.  Most laptop don’t take HDMI input, instead they are designed to output the display on HDMI to support a second monitor.

You can share the Raspberry Pi desktop to your laptop over WiFi but it is not a perfect solution.  You are much better off using a real monitor, including your TV or an inexpensive monitor.  Any monitor that has an HDMI port will work.

If you want to use a laptop, the instructions are here.


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