Before you begin, make sure the Raspberry Pi computer is running and connected to a monitor.

1) Connect the Raspberry Pi to your home network.  This does mean your daughter can connect to the internet.  There is a wi-fi icon in the upper left corner.  Click it, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to your home network.

2) Enable VNC Viewer on the Raspberry Pi

  1. Select Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Interfaces.
  2. Ensure VNC is Enabled. Don’t change other settings like SSH or SPI.

  1. While you are here you should also change the Raspberry Pi password since you are connecting to the internet.
    1. On the system tab, click change password and change. The default password for all Raspberry Pi’s is “raspberry”.  Millions of people know this so please change the password since you will be on the internet.

3) On the Raspberry Pi open Terminal, it is the little icon near the main menu.

In terminal type: sudo hostname -I

Hit return

Write down the number that comes up.  It will be an IP address like this:

4) On your laptop, download the compatible app from RealVNC:

5) Start the app. And enter the IP address of your Raspberry Pi.   You will also need the user name pi and your new password.

This should connect you and you will see the Boolean Girl desktop.  When you are ready just close the app and the laptop returns to normal.  When your daughter is ready to go again, the configuration should be saved so she can just click to connect.